Buying bitcoin with a debit card is very easy. With an increase in popularity for bitcoins, many platforms are emerging day by day to facilitate bitcoin transaction. On various platform includes various payment methods as per the user’s convenience. Many platforms also allowthe debit card payment.Buying bitcoins through debit cards is safer and easier.


Following are the best platform for buying bitcoin:

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is the largest bitcoin trading platform across the world. This platform offers various payment method to buy bitcoins and supports debit card as one of the major payment modes. It offers advanced security measures,andits trading fees are low. This platform is fit for the new user as well as the professionals. This platform offers an intuitive interface for beginner and a complex platform for the professional traders. This platform provides with various extra trading tools also. Coinbase platform charges a fee of about 1.49%- 3.99%. Buying bitcoin through debit card son this platform is free of any charge. Payment through debit card is the same as by bank transfer. All the formalities are the same, and the security issues are less as compared to credit card. To get started, you just need to sign in and visit the payment method page. Click on the add debit card, this will add your card. You can now buy bitcoins instantly. This method is easy; however, before buying bitcoin, you need to upload a government issues id in order to prove your identity


  • Its user-friendly interface.
  • Fees are comparatively low.
  • Coinbase is a reputed, reliable and secured platform.


  • Supporting end takes time to respond.
  1. io

This is one of the popular exchange platforms. It was established as the first cloud mining provider. This exchange provides various cryptocurrencies with more than 450,000 users using it. The verification process of is very simple and has a sleek interface. The security system of is very tight; hence, using credit/debit cards for buying bitcoin is safe. facilitates easy fund transfer to the user account with any payment card. The exchange offers both the services- trading services and brokerage services. The average fee is 7% which will be already included in the exchange rate.


  • io is a reputed company.
  • Offers very tight security.
  • Buying limits are high.


  • This company has a higher rate of exchange.
  • This exchange is available in limited countries.