Many people have problems with cell phone signals, especially when they are at home or at work. These people have to go to the window or even go out to get a signal for their phones. This will no longer be a problem. A cellular signal amplifier can provide better signal coverage even when you are in your home or office. Installing the gadget is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

These quick and trouble-free steps will help you install a cell signal amplifier:

  1. First install an external antenna using the mounting hardware that is best for your choice. You can choose a support in a publication, a wall or in a window.
  1. Next, the antenna must be connected to the signal amplifier using a coaxial cable.
  1. Place the amplifier in the middle of the area where you want to amplify the signal.
  1. Finally, turn on the amplifier, and now it’s ready.moblie phone signal booster

The signal, which can be amplified, can reach up to 15 feet from the device, depending on the intensity of the signal in the outside area of ​​the building where it is located. Now you can get a strong mobile phone signal without leaving the building where you are.

Another type that can help you reduce the likelihood of missing calls is a wireless signal amplifier. This can be very useful, especially when driving. Steps to install this type if the cell phone booster for Botswana amplifier is basically the same as those mentioned above.

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary installation parts: an amplifier, an internal antenna, an external antenna and a power supply. Reading the installation guide that comes with the package will help you show where to place each part.
  1. Install an external antenna first. This part links to the mobile site. The center of the car roof will be a great place. The external antenna is equipped with a magnetic bottom for easy installation.
  1. Then insert the cable under the car door seal on the floor.
  1. Find a place for the amplifier, preferably away from direct sunlight. Connect the external antenna cable to the amplifier.
  1. Install the antenna 8-12 inches from where the cell phone will be used. Then connect your cable to the amplifier.
  1. Finally, connect the amplifier to the power cord and then the power cord to the car’s electrical outlet.

These simple steps will help you install amplifiers to provide better signal protection, whether you are at home, at work or even while traveling.