Man consists not only of flesh and bones, but also of the soul. Most people do not believe that the soul is part of a human being. Alma consists of three parts, namely: Reason, will and emotions. The mind is the sand where millions of thoughts arise. This is a place where thoughts come and go. A will is the part where decisions are made, answers to questions and dilemmas are solved with regard to the will. Emotions are a very familiar part where feelings arise.

Injury can also be called deep anxiety, which affects a person who enters and leaves.

 A person often felt sad and anxious every time he recalled a traumatic experience. Injury occurs to a person when he is faced with the death of a loved one, the death of a child or spouse or the loss of someone as a result of an accident, witnesses of natural disasters and injuries as a result of a serious accident. People who suffer from trauma should take effective treatment for trauma kent county ri to recover from the trauma. Any sudden loss has affected the mind at a deeper level. Those who suffer from injuries are afraid of most things; often have mood swings, lack of concentration, etc.

Trauma has both a physical and emotional impact on a person. The emotional effects will be like anxiety, anger, crying about everything, loneliness and panic attacks, etc. The physical consequences of trauma can be weakness, heart palpitations, cardiovascular problems, muscle tension and irritation, etc. People should receive treatment and medicines, as soon as from the center of recovery of an injury; otherwise the consequences will be much worse. Trauma is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, as it affects a person in all ways.

treatment for trauma kent county riA case that has injured a person will be in the unconscious state of the person. Suddenly, when a person hears or sees something related to an incident that caused an injury, this particular incident is remembered from the unconscious to the conscious mind. If the incident occurred a long time ago, then he will be unconscious, or if this has happened recently, he will be in the subconscious, from which he will cause the emotions of a person as soon as he realizes.


A person suffering from an injury must go to a rehabilitation center, such as an anxiety rehabilitation center, in addition to taking medication. Healing through interaction with others, education about the personality of a person and his real person is more important in order to save a person from injury.