The possibilities of people who know how to check VIN number is very few. It is recommended before you purchase either a domestic or imported car, you need to perform VIN number check.  The cost of checking VIN is affordable for any make or model of the vehicle.  To avoid loss of funds or wrong choice of car, you can purchase the auto-DNA report.

Benefits of verification before vehicle purchase

There are lots of information gathered with VIN checking and decoding in auto-DNA database regarding the used vehicle. With this information, you can manage to compare them with the ones on the adverts. If the real situation does not match with the car description, you can read a history report of the vehicle.

By doing this, you will guard yourself against exploitation. There are usual scam car dealers disclosed by vin number check; any inaccuracy can be clarified as well as the car description that doesn’t agree with the recorded report on the real situation. The following list consists of the typical fraud dealers unmasked by VIN number check:

  • Odometer rollback
  • Collisions and accidents
  • Thefts
  • Changes in the serial equipment

Where to find VIN Number

You can find VIN number in various places around your car or motorbike:

  • Car registration number
  • The permanently attached plate inside the body of the vehicle.
  • Mostly presented at the front car seat, on the left window
  • At the front door pillar
  • Also found stamped on the compartment of the engine at the right wheel.

The importance of VIN number has made many dealers place this number on adverts. However, not all are placed on adverts. Thus, before you decide to purchase any vehicle, be bold to ask its application since it will help you know the history of that vehicle in details.

vin number

Two efficient ways of checking VIN number 

Webpage; Here you gather free reports, from central vehicle register. Additionally, VIN code will allow also you provide you with the first registration date and vehicle registration number. The collected information presented to you is from the first registration which includes the technical data of the car, as well as the particular date of inspections and the valid insurance date.

Auto-DNA Reports; with these, you can check nearly every make/model of the cars. All you need to do is to enter a VIN number into a search input. Later you will receive the history of the vehicle that includes, accidents, manufacturer recalls, collision and much more.