Once the location is set I advise you to read your lease carefully before starting your work to avoid surprises. If you are a occupant, you may have important recovery operating cost when you leave the premises. If you own, however, you can do all the work you want inside your living room – provided that your entire project is validated by accessibility and safety committees in the town hall, otherwise, you will not be able to welcome an audience! – To refer to anyone, within the limits of the legal obligations and in agreement with the architect of the building. Be careful also to validate your project façade and sign in the town hall – as part of a request for a sign – facial treatments las vegas nv  otherwise you may have to have your facade deposited and fined at the first inspection.

The field of vision: 

Our eyes are about 1m60 and hairdressing salons have on average a ceiling height of 3m. The ceiling represents 50% of our field of vision. It will be very important to work carefully.

Lighting : 

Hair salons require quality lighting. It is an excellent point to reinforce your concept facial treatments las vegas nv. There are many lamps, suspensions, street lamps today, to bring light to your living rooms in addition to the lighting integrated into the ceiling. Remember to differentiate between utilitarian lighting (spotlights on the ceiling, so that the lighting is homogeneous and of good quality) decorative and auxiliary lighting (reading lights, decorative floor lamps, light spots to accentuate a highlighting effect on the part resale

Here are some practical tips for a good fit:

The showcase is your first communication tool. It must present the necessary information in a clear and detailed manner; the name of the show (business name), services offered, schedules, practical information, promotions … ( read also on this subject in resources )

  • 2Respect the standards of development for people with reduced mobility ( read also on this subject in resources )
  • The layout should allow a facilitated journey of the client from one zone to another
  • Remember to reserve a space to put his bag at the checkout at the time of collection
  • The tray space must be welcoming to the customers (lighting, music, olfactory atmosphere …) and functional for the team (accessibility to products, towels, stock …)
  • Professional products intended for resale must be accessible so that the customer can touch them
  • Think of sites to promote promotions and novelties
  • Remember to put hooks for handbags