In a game where there are two players involved, if one of the player ( say the booster) logs into another player’s account(the boostee) to play any ranked game, this action is called as MMR Boosting. Though this kind of action looks acceptable, since the main intention of doing this is to improve the MMR of the Boostee, but any ranked game played by the people who is not the original creator of the account will be considered as boosting and at the end, it might lead to punishment. MMR boosting has many negative side affects to our community. It leads to unfair rules, produces imbalanced games and leads to compromising the accounts. MMR is abbreviated as Match Making Rating Boosting.

dota 2 boostSide Effects of MMR Boosting

The mmr boost might look like a victimless crime, but what it does in the background has negative effect on the people who are playing the game. MMR Boosting is considered bad due to following reasons

  • There might be players who are placed in the same tier based on the skill levels. MMR Boosting might tamper this, since if it is boosted unnaturally, the player would most definitely lose, when they begin to play at their new tier.
  • If the player is unable to keep up with the other MMR players who are higher in their tier rank, they will mostly downgrade the experience of the game.
  • It takes a lot of patience, hard work and commitment for people to keep up the ranks higher in the league of legends. MMR Boosting will devalue the commitment that each and every player gives in to keep up their rank in the league.
  • MMR Boosting endangers the account security. There is no exception that a player must not share passwords to any other player. Many players have shared their credentials thinking of boosting up their profile, but ending up in compromising their accounts instead.

Punishments offered if MMR Boosting is found

Any account which is found doing MMR boosting illegally, are subjected to below punishments

  • Account might be suspended for two weeks in League of Legends
  • Any prior Season Rewards will be suspended
  • Any current season awards will be excluded
  • Banning from League of Legends, if any second time offenders are identified.

Though the system cannot reveal the detection of MMR Boosting, it can make the people confident that only right data gets in with the double and triple checking the data and maintaining strong commitment of accuracy to the same.