Have you ever heard about CBD or cannabidiol? It is one highly controversial supplements today in the market, and for some good reasons. CBD is a part of over 85 CBD chemicals that are found in cannabis (or marijuana) plant. THC, a molecule that is known to get you very high, comes from the same family, unlike the mind-altering cousin, cannabidiol or CBD from cannabis will be totally non-psychoactive. CBD will do all types of helpful things, right from reducing the inflammation to fighting various sclerosis.  However, as with a lot of new supplements, there’re some downsides to CBD. But, when you buy from the right place like Blessed CBD oil you are sure about the quality.

CBD can increase alertness

 Studies have shown that CBD will do a few interesting stuff. CBD can:

1) It increases alertness when you take very small dose

2) Help you to sleep when you take larger dose, even though you have insomnia

3) Stop seizures

4) Reduce social anxiety just by calming your nerves down, part of your brain, which controls fear. The higher CBD dose results in reduces anxiety during the public speaking.

5) Improve sign of schizophrenia

Benefits of CBD – What to Know?

How to take CBD oil?

There’re many delivery methods, and a few applications are much better than the others for a few things. The dosing genereally depends on the weight, age, and what you are trying to achieve, thus it is good to consult the functional medicine doctor in order to determine the right dose.


You may inhale vapors by using the specialized vape pen. It is a fastest acting CBD delivery, and probably the simplest when you have pen & cartridge. But, it is not recommended as vaping comes with lots of risk. Do not smoke it — it wrecks your throat & lungs just like cigarettes. If you are a newbie, begin slow. Because some people may have unpleasant reaction to vapor.


 In order to ingest CBD, you have take this right out of your dropper, in the capsule form, and made in the gums, candies, and baked goods. When compared to the inhalation, this takes a little longer to take an effect.


You may drop oil right under your tongue, and place the lozenge under tongue. The sublingual delivery takes as long as the ingestion to take proper effect.


 CBD will cross your skin and go in bloodstream. Benefit to the method is you may rub the CBD infused oil and salves right on your affected area.