Floors were created and used for a long time. The world has witnessed its evolution – from having dirt as the floor to having fancy ones. Now, they may be only just an essential part of your house, but they have something to tell you. A floor has a history on its own (and carpets too!), and everything that comes with it has interesting facts behind it.

In here, you will learn some interesting things about the floors and carpets. Here are some top trivial but awesome facts about floors!

Linoleum and vinyl flooring are not the same. You read this one right here – linoleum and vinyl are not the same. Since a vinyl floor is made from chemicals based on petroleum, making this one synthetic. Linoleum, however, is made from natural resources such as wood flour, cork dust, and limestone. Whoever coined them needs to stop using them interchangeably.

Porcelain tiles are known for being resistant to frost; it does not absorb water even in the smallest and lowest density. Thus, porcelain tiles are suitable for homes that are below freezing point places.

Bathroom Flooring

Bamboo is the most durable hardwoods that, in Japan, it is used for industrial scaffolding. Some bamboos have a higher rating of Janka hardness maple and red oak.

Granite is second to diamonds when it comes to its hardness; this makes granite floors one of the hardest floors around. It is known for its durability and longevity, not mention it does not need too much maintenance.

Laminated floors are another version of plastic countertops.

You can get your flooring for your bathroom from professional services if you’d want to be specific. Services such as bathroom flooring springfield mo can do the job a lot better than doing it all alone.

The most expensive floor to ever exist is the creation of Pietra Firma, a black marble inlaid with 95 cut diamonds in a flower petal. Its cost is around $1 million. Would you ever invest in one?

Spilled some wine on your beloved carpet? Not to worry. You can put salt on the spot, let it absorb for a while, and vacuum it. If it’s stubborn, just put on white vinegar, water, and detergent. That would do the trick.

An un-vacuumed carpet could get several pounds of dirt, not to mention that a typical person can shed flakes of skin on every hour for. Adding to the common dirt, crumbs, and other debris – that could be a pretty little unhealthy carpet.

According to the American floor covering industry, the difference between a rug and a carpet is on their size; a piece smaller than 40 is a rug which means that the flying carpet or the magic carpet is a rug.