There are still several risks associated with traveling. However, you can considerably reduce the same by asking a few questions to the hotel or rental’s management before moving to one of the best airbnbs paris with eiffel tower view.

Check when the allotted room was last occupied

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines are super-helpful. Their studies suggest the coronavirus can transmit even by merely touching contaminated objects. Hands can transmit the virus from objects to the mouth, nose, or eyes. Even talking or breathing and spending time in a house where the infected person has sneezed or coughed can infect you. Viruses can live for roughly two to three days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces. Thus, before checking in the hotel, hostel, or Airbnb house, it is advisable to approach the place’s manager and ask when the room was last occupied. It is always better to go for a room that has remained empty for three to five days.

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Check the date when space was the cleaned

Airbnb has made it mandatory for homeowners and hotels to clean their properties as per established guidelines. Property managers are advised to wear a PPE kit and disinfect all the touch surfaces throughout the house.

Airbnb also uses a 24 to 72 hours booking buffer. Put simply; the owner cannot list the property on the platform before completing the buffer period after the guest’s check-out. The booking buffer is sufficient enough to keep the guest safe as airborne particles automatically get neutralized during the time frame.

Understand how frequently the house or hotel room is rented

As mentioned earlier, there should be a grace period of at least three days in between the previous guest’s check-out and your check-in. Also, seek information about cleaning schedules to ensure guidelines are followed rigorously.

Check traveling regulations and restrictions in the city that you plan to visit

Most cities worldwide require travelers to remain quarantined at the rental home or hotel for roughly 14 days from the date of arrival. Thus, be sure you check the regulations with your local contacts and plan your schedule accordingly to avoid a last-minute rush and inconvenience. If you plan to book one of the best airbnbs paris with eiffel tower view, consider visiting the French Government’s “Restrictions and Requirements in the Metropolitan France” web page. You can find all the details about night curfews and other restrictions that are applicable in the city.