Now you know that the bitcoin faucets sites allow their users to claim very little amount of BTC per hour, questions come is how does this faucet site pay the users without any kind of investment or what is its main income source for the faucet websites? 

How this System Works?

The bitcoin faucets sites will generate good revenue from the ads or multiple games on the websites. Main income source for many websites is ads, and they will allow other sites to advertise their online business on the faucet website. The faucet website generally allows the users to claim the freebitcoin (or money) so that they will easily get the good traffic from all over the world, which is enough for generating good income from the ads & pay to their users.

There are some other ways of generating income from the users. Majority of this faucet website allow various gambling games onto their sites. Faucet websites will claim that these games are fair and everybody has the similar possibility of winning as per the odds selected. The research shows that around 90% of users playing the gambling games and just 5% of these users win and rest of them may lose. The faucets websites take this money from the losers and give this to winners.

One more way of generating very good income is the online surveys. There are some faucets websites that provide survey walls on the website and offer users the small amount for the completion of these surveys.