The City State of Singapore is the Jewel in the Throne of Asia. The spectacular Cityscape, the tightly controlled law and order situation, the ultraclean footpaths, the soaring skyscrapers, the Lion Fountain, the delicious tip of the tongue food, the ice blue skies and the Prussian blue of the seas surrounding the city …one could go on and on. There are no limits to the opportunities in Singapore, and all the modern business cities, even Dubai, seem to be modeled after grand old Singapore. The excitement of applying for a pr application Singapore is palpable, for both the young and old alike.

But there are terrifying challenges that can be faced by the standard Applicant. These may be as follows:

  • High Rejection Rates.
  • Unfamiliar Document Requirements.
  • Time Consuming.
  • Lacking in ICA Policy Knowledge.
  • Unsure On Best Time To Apply.
  • Unfamiliar with New e-PR submission.

The Cost Of The Application

The advance Application Fee that is chargeable to each applicant is SGD100, at the point of application. In addition, each successful applicant will have to pay SGD20 Fee for the Entry Permit. Thus the total Fees applicable for each successful Applicant is SGD120. But that is not the total cost, as it involves a number of side expenses. And it is best to tackle the jungle that is the PR Application through well known Experts in the line.

Singapore Pr Application

The PR Consultant

The choice of the consultant depends on a number of qualities that the chosen person must possess, before he or she is recognized as capable of this job. Some of these qualities are:

  • Experienced in Professional Case Management.
  • Ability to Minimise Hassle and Time Wastage.
  • With Sound Immigration Policy Knowledge.
  • Possessing Strong Complete Documents Package.
  • Capable of Handling Complex Immigration Issues.
  • Having a Strategic Structured Approach.

The Desired Approach

The approach that is most likely to bear results can be listed as:

  • Initial Consultation, consisting of:
  • Face-to-face Advisory.
  • Initial profile Analysis.
  • Profile Updates.
  • Profile Strengthening Insights.
  • ICA Submission, with the following sub-headers:
  • Handle All Documentation Processes.
  • Manage Unique and Complex Immigration Issues.
  • Planning & Strategising Each Case.
  • Managing Unique and complex Immigration Issues.
  • After ICA Submission, with some pointers:
  • Managing Appeals.
  • Rejection Advisory.
  • Monitoring Policy Updates.
  • Post Submission Tips and Suggestions.

The Fine Print

The passage of the pr application Singapore is sometimes as tortuous as it is time consuming. For example, Singapore’s Selective Immigration policy dictates that Candidates with only S-PASS and above Educational Qualifications are eligible for PR acceptance. The length of Stay is also to be specified. The Application needs to be complete.