Low humidity can cause all kinds of problems for our health, such as dry skin, chapped lips, itchy eyes, sore throat, and sinus headaches.

This problem is especially severe during periods of cold weather when we lock ourselves on the doors and raise the temperature. Do not panic! All you need is a humidifier, but what type should you buy?

Learn how to obtain the best humidifier for your home

Single models

Today it is the most common type of humidifier that is used today. Being small makes them cheap and portable, which everyone likes. Several different styles are available, and it is essential to choose the one that fits the size of the room in which it will be used. Some people prefer this because they give you complete control over the humidity in your environment. If you buy a tiny portable model, you can even take it with you from one room to another. Of course, if there is only one room in the house that is mainly dry, it would be foolish to buy a large humidifier that can take care of the whole building. It’s about choosing the right type for your needs.

Humidifiers for the whole house

They are usually connected to the oven, so you need to make sure your heating system is compatible. If so, then this could be a much better solution. The main advantage is that these whole-house models are virtually maintenance-free. As a rule, they are connected to the water supply and have expensive control equipment that ensures the maintenance of the best level of humidity. Being out of the way is also a bonus since they do not occupy valuable space in the main living rooms.

But how can you choose the best type of humidifier for your needs?

The first thing to keep in mind is that they come in two main types: humidifiers for warm and cold air.

Humidifiers are the easiest. They use a wick or filter to suck the water out of the tank and then use the fan to blow air into the room.

Hot air humidifiers use a boiler to heat the water in the tank. Steam is then introduced into the atmosphere.

Both are cheap and cheap to operate, although the warm type has higher operating costs due to the additional electricity needed to heat the water.

A more sophisticated type is the best humidifier that uses high-frequency sound waves to turn water into the fog that can be pumped into a room.

Whatever type you choose, be sure to do something to combat the low humidity in your home and office. Before you go to the stores, quickly read the list of desired features. This is the essential guide to buying everything related to humidifiers, so if you follow their advice, you won’t be mistaken.