Years ago, as soon as the topic of video games appeared in the media, a moment later – an avalanche – a whole wave of unflattering opinions about this medium fell. Specialists overwatch boost sounded the alarm and mentioned only bad aspects related to this form of entertainment. Over the past decade, things are a little better. What do video games give us?

Games are not necessarily as eye-threatening as our parents warned us

Years ago, many of us heard that through these video games, we are only destroying our eyes – and nothing good will come of it. We are sitting too close to the TV; the picture tube catches our eyes – I think many know this old song. However overwatch boost , technologies are changing, the screens we are dealing with every day are a completely different story, and by the way, we have already known for several years that video games do not necessarily have to hurt our eyes, on the contrary. They can help them! In the study in which 22 students took part, they were divided into two groups. The first devoted itself to shooting, while the second one had the iconic Sims at her disposal. Nine weeks (and 50 hours spent in virtual worlds) later, it turned out that those who played FPS could boast a 43% improvement in issues of distinguishing shades of gray, also a 58 percent improvement in distinguishing small nuances in contrasts. No change was seen in the next group.

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Players make decisions faster

Researchers are studying players who spend a lot of time playing action games, where every second count, have noticed that they make good decisions much faster. But this is not the end – apparently, they are also much more sensitive to what is happening around them.

Online video games are a place where you can meet new people

Everyone who has ever tried their hand at online game play has probably encountered various rudeness symptoms and insults. I do not deny that they are not there – and this is a huge problem, which (thankfully) the fight is gaining momentum. After all, it’s not worth throwing everyone in one bag. Guilds, clans, Discord channels, forums, or groups are places where you can often meet fantastic people with whom we share common interests – whatever you look; it’s always a plus. From the tabernacle of good people in our lives, the head does not hurt.