It is not for nothing & you will come out of the bar job with the beer stained evening wear & great arm muscles. Here are a few things that you will learn when working at 낮져밤이.

Networking & communication

There is not another customer service work that needs you to be fun with the strangers. I actually worked in the customer service for the big retail firm and generally spoke like robot all day long– bar work generally allows you connect with many different kinds of people from different backgrounds. Alcoholic locals, professionals, plumbers, builders, poets, and everybody comes to the bars to drink and have fun.

Time management

The bar shifts are quite flexible, however, you need to fit everything around them as well as juggling 2 am nights out with the early mornings will be really tough. Initially I will end up writing till 4 am as I have forgotten to do this that day, however some nights like this forces you sort out the diary and make proper plan for a day.



Particularly if you want to be bar supervisor – it needs heading up the team & overseeing all orders, staff as well as rota-ing – however even as the bartender you have to know who you have last served, and what they ordered or what you have already made. It sounds obvious, when bar is 3 people deep and filled with half filled glasses, then it will be very difficult.


Remembering the orders. Oh my god. Whenever people go to the restaurants, waitresses do not have pens, you are hesitant to mind twenty dishes with a bit of alterations. In the bar, after some drinks, everybody appears to presume bartender is one kind of wizard. Try to visualize every drink when they say it (it helps), and ask for the repeat of order in case you have not got it (much better than to screw it up) however your memory will improve with time.

Ask around the family & friends and see if they know bars and restaurants jobs are looking for the staff as these types of jobs are handled by bar and kitchen manager instead of brewery and restaurant chain owner.