Were you one of those kids who knew early on that you wanted to make a living doing computer animation? Well, you are one of the lucky ones as most people have no idea what to do for a living. Who could blame you, the computer animation is just great. Inclusion in the credits of any of the top grossing films from Pixar or Image works would get everyone’s attention. But what do you have to do to get a job locally?

Computer animation is more than just being able to run the software, and a good technical school or community college can provide you with a solid computer animation program. These programs offer you a variety of courses that will help you improve not only your digital skills, but also your traditional drawing and animation skills. You can also try out disciplines that range from game design to CGI. You will finish your program with a certification or degree in computer animation and strong technical skills. There are a number of good programs that offer two- and four-year programs.

The best computer animation programs provide recruitment services so that you can start working once you have your credentials. You need to be ready to get an entry-level job as the computer animation field has become more competitive in recent years. While you might get a computer animation job at a top notch studio, chances are in most markets you get your craft in a more conventional manner. Many industries today require computer animation, from oilfield services to employee training. The prospect of not working for a large studio shouldn’t put you off. You have to get your feet wet and networked, and getting into computer animation through a company that isn’t in the movie business isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Before you start looking for a job, you need to prepare a resume and demo role or portfolio. Your school can probably help you with this. In fact, many programs produce a demo roll as a project in one of their credit classes. You should seriously consider doing an internship while completing your courses. Not only will this help you learn your subject, but it will also help you create valuable contacts that can be helpful in your job search.

When you start looking for work, be sure to call any contacts you’ve made who can point you in the right direction. Provided you’ve done your homework and studied hard in school, these people will be happy to help. Improve your interviewing skills and make sure you do some background research before attending an interview. All the rules that apply to a typical job search apply here, regardless of how good your computer animation skills are.

Most importantly, stay positive and maintain your confidence while using svg animation. You will be on your way to fame and fortune in no time.