Transportation is one of the core services which help us conclude how fruitful our tour was. When on vacation, we all prefer comfort accompanied by top-rated services. And the best solution to address this purpose is a Limousine. There are plenty of service-providing companies in Singapore to help you grab the best deals for hiring Limo as per your hourly requirements. Here are some points you can note down for a better experience with 24hour transportation services. 

  • Maintain the time bars

Set pre-arrival waiting hours reasonably.

An average 60 minutes waiting time for Airport arrival and around 30 minutes for other general pickups will serve the best. It would fit any slight preponement or postponement of flying hours and will not lead to further harassment of the service providers due to any unwanted misguidance, which might not be entertained and even be claimed fine against.

  • Judicious cancelation of booked services 

Canceling a plan? Need to cancel the limo service too? Inform the service providers at the earliest. At Least 24 hours before booking for more than a day and 3 hours for any other pickup is considered reasonable. If you are compelled to cancel the trip at the 11th hour, pay the authorities the damages incurred, by accepting your accountability. However, you can always use your bargaining skills up to a certain ethical limit.

  • Consult the customer support services thoroughly.

Do not assume anything regarding the services unless you’ve consulted with the service provider. Ask them about the services they provide free of cost, against some nominal or significant charge, and how much, and services they outsource from other providers for customer convenience. If there is a service the providers don’t cover, do not compel them to help you with that. Customers are open to bargain but reasonably.

Some more tips to remember-

  • Ask what the minimum booking hours are and what are the fixed uniform charges for subsequent hours. Being informed always helps in the long run.
  • Thoroughly discuss your tour plans with the driver to avoid any route complications, because they know the streets better than you or even online Map services do.
  • Do not retain the driver for longer hours than contracted if he isn’t willing to, to avoid cancelation of the further trips from the service providers due to dissatisfaction.

24 hours transportation services are easily available in Singapore, the responsibility of the right choice is yours. Choose the service providers who are compatible with your schedule, be very particular regarding your selection considering all required aspects.

Hopefully, these small tips will help you have a great time in Singapore! Safe journey!