Drilling through tiles is not an easy task. Even the professionals find it difficult, and they carry out the process very carefully. If you are a newbie at DIY, then you need to learn some essential tips before you start drilling. Tiles are usually beautiful art, and so you need to make a hole carefully. Even the small slip makes the look of the tile ugly. If you are doing it the first time, it seems effortless work. But you need to understand the different types of tiles and characteristics before you start to begin working. If you want to make a hole perfectly without any crack read the tips given below.

Know your tiles:

Before you begin your work, you need to consider the type of tile. When you have a better understanding of tile, then you will do the task more perfectly without any flaws. Therefore, you need to learn about different tiles and their characteristics before you start using them. For example, porcelain tiles are harder to breaks than ceramic tiles. So, you need to put a lot of effort and a specialized drill bit that can penetrate the hard surface of porcelain tiles.

drill bit nomenclature

Choose the right drill bit: 

Next, it is very much significant to choose the right drill bit. You should never use an old drill bit for tiles. If you choose the wrong one, then the chances of damaging the tiles are higher. When it comes to porcelain tiles, you should not use drill bits that are not strong enough. If you are thinking about what drill bit is good for porcelain tile, then you should opt for diamond-tripped drill bits. It is extremely durable and the best option for harder surfaces like porcelain.

Mark the area:

It is a known fact that bits tend to slip around the surface making it hard for you to hold them in place. Even a small slip can crack the tiles. So, first, you need to mark the area where you have to make the holes. Once you marked the area correctly, you can start drilling. It is important that while drilling through tiles, you need to have a lot of patience. You should start slowly and end up with speed. Because vibration can damage the surface. It is good to give consistent pressure throughout the process.

Hence, you need to have the right tools and start drilling the tiles slowly and steadily. After completing the work, don’t forget to cool the drill bit.