Every mother should understand that the confinement period is very important as they will have to get recover and gain complete strength and also learn how to take care of the born child. It is very crucial to eat proper food and take enough rest. The confinement period is followed differently in each culture, but the goal of all the cultures is to give rest to the mother to get well soon. Confinement food tingkat has to be taken as it is directed by the experienced person. Even though it is followed differently in each culture there are some foods that must be avoided by every mother. Let us look into some of them.

  • Caffeine: If you are a coffee lover then you might feel a little disheartened to know that during the confinement time you should avoid taking caffeine. Most of them start reducing their intake from the time they become pregnant. The main reason for avoiding caffeine is that when you take coffee the caffeine is passed through the milk to the child while breastfeeding. Caffeine may cause indigestion for the child as the digestive system is still a week for them. It is also better if you reduce the intake of chocolates as it contains caffeine.
  • Spicy Food: Spicy food can create discomfort for your child. The level of discomfort will vary from child to child. The mothers can suffer from constipation and abdominal pain. If it continues for a longer time then it may affect your recovery?
  • Citrus food: If you consume, a large amount of citric then your child may get rashes, and can feel discomfort in digesting.
  • Dairy products: One of the reasons for getting irritation in your stomach can be dairy products. They can also cause an allergic reaction when taken in more quantity.
  • Oily and salty food: Generally the mothers after giving birth to the child their digestive system are a little weak. In such a situation if you take oily food then it will irritate your intestines. If you take more salt than water retention in your body will increase and you will also feel thirstier.
  • Cold and raw foods: Cold food and raw food intake can trouble your stomach and can stop the discharge of toxic fluids from your body. Some of the cooling foods are watermelon, winter melon, coconut, green beans, and many more. 


Hope now you can avoid all the issues which are caused by eating the wrong food at the time of confinement period.