When we talk about ex-rent we refer to vehicles used for long or short-term rental and that the dealership has decided to remove from the availability of its fleet to sell them as used.

Basically, they are trucks that you rented in the past and, once they reach a certain age, or a certain mileage, are replaced with other new vehicles by the dealership that manages the rental. The used ones will therefore be placed on the market for those who need to buy and use them on their own used trucks in avon.

The ex-rent is also a valid alternative to rental. In Italy, in fact, it is forbidden to rent without a driver for vehicles with a mass exceeding six tons. The only exceptions: that the contract is stipulated between two companies registered in the register of road hauliers or that they are special vehicles.

Therefore, companies that do not carry out specific trucking activities but need vehicles for their goods can find a good solution in the purchase of second-hand equipment.

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The advantages of the ex-rent are not limited to the cost, certainly lower than a new articulated vehicle, and offer interesting food for thought.

Why buy an ex-rent truck: all the advantages

Ex-rent vehicles are means of transport, generally large, that those who manage the rental have used this function and decide to put them up for sale. The advantages they offer are numerous:

Recent vehicles: in addition to the low cost compared to a new vehicle, one of the main benefits you can enjoy when buying an ex-rent vehicle depends on the fact that you are faced with vehicles that, generally, have a few years behind them . Dealers tend to renew their fleet very frequently, usually every 3-4 years, in order to always offer their customers new vehicles. In fact, rental is also a way of circulating new vehicles: a sort of advertising on the road for the dealership and the manufacturer.

Vehicles in good general conditions: especially in long-term rental, the contract often provides that maintenance, as well as all bureaucratic tasks, are the responsibility of the dealer who offers the rental.